Status: OPEN

If you want to contact directly with me, you can send me an email to


Please, complete this form to get a Commission.

  • The Payment will be always on EU€ through Paypal or Bizum
  • It will be appreciated that the orders fit in my style (Fantasy, manga) but if you need something different (like a robot) please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • The number of editions will be kept within what is reasonable. For me, the reasonable thing is this: I show you the sketch / You propose the changes / I apply them and I show you them / And you confirm them, a minor change may be suggested. No more.
  • I do not fetish.
  • OC, Fanart, Ecchi and Furry are welcome.
  • I’m not a landscaper, so the background of the drawing will be simple but I can do an exception.
  • I have the right to decline a commission.
  • If you have a deadline, please tell me. Due to nature of the deadline price of the commission can grow up, of course it is negotiable.
  • Payment is 50% in advance and 50% beforte to send you the final file. In exceptional cases, the payment can be in more terms.
  • The prices can change in a future.
  • The rules can change too.

How to get a commission?

  1. Complete the form and I will receive the request.
  2. I will contact you if I am interested in the job.
  3. If I accept, I will send you a payment request to your Paypal or Bizum. This will be 50% of the price.
  4. Only when I receive the payment will I start working. I will send you a sketch so you can make some corrections.
  5. I will send you more previews to do more corrections.
  6. When I finish the work, I’ll send you a preview to your email. You must pay the rest of payment and I will send you the HD picture. Maybe I must use Wetransfer (a free online platform to send huge archives, so check your spam folders)
  7. Usually I publish the image on my websites.

What do you get?

  • The 100% drawing picture.
  • PNG file. The quality of this file-format is better than traditional JPG
  • 3500 x 2400 px. The dimensions are approximate, it may vary depending on the order, but I will try to make it as large as my computer allows.
  • The final archive will be at maximum quality I can do, but never 300ppi. In this way the picture can be printed if you can do it.





    Please, select the type of your order:
    +50% per additional character

    Are you looking ad a dragon or monster?

    Type of drawing

    +150€: No references. There are no references, or maybe there are photos and pictures, but the character never be design previously. You want I design the character as Character Designer I am.+150€: No creativity freedom. You need unlimits edits to get the perfect picture, this must be exactly what you have on your mind.+50€: PSD Archives. You want the Photoshop archive in separate layers.+???: Comercial. If the commission is for comercial use you must have the rights to do that. The price will depend on the project.+75€: NSFW. If you want a adult content you must be an adult.


    Additional information


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